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The largest Australian city Sydney has a population of over 4.5 million. Most of them are the Australians, although about one third was born outside the country. These indigenous Australians whose ancestors lived on this earth can call themselves a mere 1% of the population of Sydney.

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Top 15 Sights in Sydney

Sydney Harbour

Sydney is a priceless pearl of Australia. It embodies the multifaceted perfection of nature, amazing historical spirit and man-made wonders. There is the most beautiful and picturesque harbor of natural origin worldwide. The scale of Sydney Harbour is simply amazing - 240 kilometers of coastline and 54 square meters of mirror-like water surface. All this creates a picture of unsurpassed beauty - sea, blue sky with white clouds and moving ferries on the azure waves.

There are amazing historical monuments of Sydney scattered across all over the harbor. There is also the grandiose Harbour Bridge, and the world famous and delightful Sydney Opera House. Harbour Bridge is a stunning creation of man, which attracts tourists from all parts of the planet.

Sandy beaches and picturesque islands seclude behind stunning monuments, which allow you admiring of interesting buildings built by convicts and ancient rock art.

If you have not been to Sydney, you have not seen the world. This place is worthy of your attention and can surprise even the most experienced traveler. Sydney Harbour as nothing better characterizes Australia and Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The most famous in the world "The Coat Hanger" is located in Sydney. It is so called the largest arch bridge in Sydney for its interesting unique shape. Also, it is the largest arch bridge in the world.

Harbour Bridge was built in the days of the Great Depression (1932) for connecting areas of Davis Point and Point Wilson, which are separated by the bay. The Harbour Bridge project was created by London engineer Ralph Freeman and Bradfield. They had been honored after the International Competition. To build this work of art eight years and twenty millions of Australian dollars were spent.

The transit across the bridge is charged (now it is about 2 dollars, and earlier – 6 penny), thanks to which the construction of the bridge was paid off in 1988. Nowadays Sydney Harbour Bridge maintenance costs five million dollars, but this is not surprising given its size. The length of the arch passage is 503 meters, the height is 134 meters. There are 8 car lanes on the canvas of the bridge of 49 meters width, a pair of railway lines and cycling path.

Such a scale rare is the world, and stunning views from the bridge pylons are unique and extraordinarily beautiful.

Sydney Opera House

The main visiting card of Australia is kangaroos and Sydney Opera House. Because these are the first images that appear in your mind when mention Australia or Sydney. Opera House is an incredible miracle created by human hands, which has always attracted admiring glances and never stops to amaze.

The main symbol of Sydney is located on an area of 2.2 hectares in the harbor near the Harbour Bridge. Project of the Opera was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon. His idea to build a white shell above the water started to be implemented in 1957 after the idea had been chosen among other 233's at the International Competition. This amazing building consists of two amphitheaters, bars and lobby located under them and lined with tiles of large shells.

Building of Sydney Opera House looks like either a white swan, or on quaint ship, or giant seashells - everyone sees it differently. However, to look at the shimmering and glimmering in the sun of white "flakes" of shells is never boring.

To build such a beauty was not an easy task because of the complex geometry of the structure and reduplicate forms of shells. But after all technical problems and all sorts of differences had been overcome, Sydney Opera House was built and inaugurated in 1973. Still it is the main recognizable landmark not only in Sydney but in whole Australia.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney are just a rich chest with priceless treasures that the whole Australia is proud of. At the moment, the gardens cover an area of 30 hectares, but once all started with an unprofitable agricultural farm. In 1816, it was transformed into a Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research, which presently exists. It is the oldest scientific institution in the Australia.

The Royal Botanic Gardens have amazingly beautiful plant collection (more than 7500 species) and a huge variety of fauna. All this beauty forms a really wonderful oasis in a crazy world of bustle and skyscrapers. Mrs Macquarie's Chair, carved into the rocks, with the superb views of the Sydney Opera House and the Great Bridge, is also located here.

Royal Gardens consist of a palm grove, fern conservatory, tropical zone, the garden of cacti and succulents, buildings with unique flora herbaria of New South Wales and Government House, where the governor of NSW lived.

The whole area of gardens is divided by numerous paths. To see all you need to spend more than one hour.

Coogee Beach

Photo: Alpha

Coogee Beach is the usual classic Sydney beach. Having been visited once, it will remain in the heart forever and will always beckon you to come back. The picturesque coastal trail adjacent reserve Grant, marine reserve and warm waters will impress even the most experienced traveler.

On the Coogee beach everyone will find an entertainment. Here you can relax on the golden sand, swim in the sea foam, snorkel or scuba dive. Surfing fans will also be pleased. Among other things, this is a great place for families. There is a myriad of green parks for picnics and barbecues, playgrounds, paths over the cliff for a nice walk, and of course, security, thanks to the around the clock duty of lifeguards.

Coogee Beach is an oasis among the skyscrapers, because it is located just 20 minutes away from the city. It can be easily reached even by public transport.

You can not only have fun and relax on the beach. There is a perfect opportunity to spend time usefully, because there are a lot of old historic buildings and interesting sights, as Coogee is one of the oldest suburbs of Sydney.

The Rocks

The Rocks is a historic area and tourist precinct of Sydney's city center. It is located between the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Cove. It is considered to be the oldest part of the city, which is partly preserved outer face and the atmosphere since the birth of the city. Nowadays the Rocks is the most popular area of the city. At the beginning of the 20th century it was a place where adventurers, sailors and even criminals found their shelter. At that time the city simply teemed with rats, garbage and could boast only cheap hotels, brothels and pubs.

Modern Rocks is a prestigious elite area. You should be a wealthy man to buy any property here. Travelers and tourists have chosen this place because of the special atmosphere that prevails in the area.

It is very nice to stroll leisurely through the quaint narrow streets of woven cobblestone. Here you are always welcomed to try the different cuisine (French, Thai, Chinese, Italian, and Australian). And only here you may admire the magnificent views of the bay and bridge.

There are a variety of galleries, museums, restaurants and cafes in this area. Until today the Rocks preserved the earliest houses, warehouses, shops and pubs, where you can relax and buy some souvenirs. You will surely find something to remember forever!

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is one of the most popular and well-known areas in Sydney. Its formation is obliged to Darling Harbour monorail, established in 1988. Soon the area grew very quickly, "got" skyscrapers, luxury hotels, fine restaurants and cafes. Darling Harbour is located in the central area of Sydney (54 hectares) on the beautiful bay.

Despite the fact that there are many business offices and administrative buildings here, Sydney residents and tourists from all over the world use it as a family-friendly place for both rest and entertainment. There are some unique attractions here. Among the most popular ones are the famous Sydney Aquarium, the ship on which you can find information about the Olympic Games, the above-mentioned monorail, a huge shopping mall, Chinese Garden, Polytechnic Museum and the unique movie theater where you can watch 3D movies with IMAX stereo effects.

In addition to entertainment centers, Darling Harbour is proud of stunning nature. Only here you can admire an amazing sight when hundreds of yachts and ships moor and depart off the shore.

Sydney Fish Market

Photo: llee_wu

Australia is a country that knows how to surprise and delight with its nature, architecture and unusual combinations. Sydney Fish Market is such a place that is able to pleasantly amaze, especially those who love seafood. Even the most sophisticated gourmet will definitely find here something he has never eaten yet.

The Market is located on Blackwattle Bay, in the Inner West suburb of Pyrmont. It is considered the largest in the entire southern hemisphere.

The market wakes up at sunrise and prepares to welcome numerous buyers and gazers. Sellers are busy cleaning their stalls and covering their icy tables with variety of fish, shrimp, clams, crab, lobster, octopus, oysters and much other seafood. The most surprising thing in this stream of buyers and seafood, that sellers keep their working places sparkling and their seafood exceptionally fresh.

Sydney Fish Market rightly takes one of the major places in the list of outstanding sights of Sydney. People come here not only to buy delicacies, but simply to have fun, take unique photos, gaze at the extraordinary "exhibits" and, of course, eat tasty.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is the most popular and busiest beach in Sydney, which is famous for its perfect white sand, turquoise waters and incredible waves that attract surfers from all over the world.

The beach is only eight kilometers from the city center, and the length of the coastline is six kilometers. A variety of shops, plenty of cozy cafes, restaurants and several fine hotels are located along the coast. In addition to commercial establishments you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, magnificent cliff views, ocean and coast with a unique Coastal trail that ends at another amazing place – Bronte Beach.

Bondi Beach can be called a kind of cultural center in Sydney. This beach has constantly held a variety of celebrations and fun activities. The most popular ones are Magic Winter Festival, an annual race "From the city to the waves", international Kite Festival, sand sculpture contest and many others. It has already become a tradition to celebrate Christmas under the volleys of grandiose fireworks on Bondi Beach.

All these activities are so popular with locals and tourists from all over the world, that you would better buy a ticket in advance. Regardless of the season, at Bondi Beach people always have fun.

Pylon Lookout

Sydney has many wonderful interesting sights both natural and man-made. Many of them are unique and the only in the world. Both locals and foreign travelers admire the beauty of Sydney. It’s the city that knows how to surprise and capture the hearts of its beloved guests.

The best way to enjoy the beauty of the charming scenery and exclusive architecture of the city is to visit special viewing platforms from which you can have the best views of the whole panorama. There are many such places in Sydney, but there are also some favorite ones.

Pylon Lookout viewpoint offers spectacular views of Sydney Harbour and the downtown area with its magnificent, but at the same time elegant skyscrapers. Pylon is located in one of the spans of the grandiose Harbour Bridge. You can see a panorama of Sydney in a circle from this site. It is from this point of a bridge that tourists take the best photos.

Nowadays Pylon Lookout is one of the favorite places in Sydney among tourists. Fascinating three-hour excursions to the top of the bridge on its side arch have been admiring tourists for fifteen years already. If you order this tour, you will definitely enjoy the fantastic scenery.

Sydney Harbour National Park

Photo: Fred Hsu

Officially, Sydney Harbour National Park was founded on April 4, 1975 at the initiative of the NSW minister Nile Nielsen. Today it belongs to the fifth category (marine and terrestrial protected landscapes), according to the classification of IUCN. The park is divided into several sections. Most of them are not connected to each other and are located on different sides of Sydney Harbour. The park comprises the territories virtually untouched by human civilization and anthropological influences: small islands, some parts of the coast, steep peninsula and others.

In the northern part of the park there was an Artillery Academy. Thus, today old but well-preserved barracks, in which students lived, can be seen there.

National Park is very rich in diverse flora and amazing landscapes. Here you can admire the picturesque marshes, have a walk along the paths, which lead to a spectacular panorama of the park and Sydney itself.

Sydney Harbour National Park is not only Sydney showplace, but also a great place to have a rest. There are special picnic places with tables and benches, as well as a café for this purpose.

Mrs. Macquarie's Chair

Photo: Kay Adams

Lady Macquarie`s Chair is included in the list of Sydney top historical attractions. This bench was knocked out of the rocks at the request of Mrs. Elizabeth Macquarie. She was Major General Lachlan Macquarie`s wife. He was the governor of NSW at that time. The chair was carved in 1816, simultaneously with the construction of the road. Elizabeth ordered to build the road to connect the Woolloomooloo Bay and Farm Cove. Therefore, the road was named in her honor.

The woman was kind and incredibly refined. She liked sitting on a rock, which is located on the bay. She used to admire the spectacular scenery and watched the British ships came into the harbor.

Since those ancient times scenery has quite changed. It has already acquired modern shape. New architectural creations have been built here. But with the same fantastic beauty it has preserved picturesque panorama of Sydney. It is from this point of the rock where you can admire the most beautiful view of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Nowadays this attraction is a popular and favorite place to have a rest, make a picnic or just to contemplate the incredible beauty.

Sydney Aquarium

There are places on the planet that every person must see at least once in the lifetime. Sydney Aquarium is among these places. It is located near the Pyrmont Bridge in the eastern part of Darling Harbour.

The aquarium originality can be estimated even at the entrance, where you need to go through the gaping jaws of a shark. The aquarium volume is 6 million liters of water. The whole territory is divided into certain thematic sections devoted to the Southern Ocean, the Great Barrier Reef, South and North rivers.

The aquarium consists of three huge floating oceanariums. There are also 27 major reservoirs and 23 small aquariums, several tunnels and a wide variety of exposures. Here you can find over 650 species of marine flora and fauna that live in Australian waters.

Dugongs are the most interesting and unusual inhabitants of Sydney Aquarium. In 2008, they moved here from the park «Sea World», which is located on the Gold Coast of Australia. Dugongs live with porpoises in the "Laguna Mermaid" pool. In Sydney Aquarium you can experience a variety of feelings: fear, admiration, and affection. But you will surely remember visiting the aquarium for as long as life endures.

Susannah Place Museum

Photo: Gemma Anne

There is one unique place in Sydney where you need to go to truly experience the historic spirit of the city. The uncolored mode of life of Australians at early twentieth century can be seen in a small museum, which bears the name of a woman who used to live here. This museum cannot be found in every guide book. In fact, Susannah Place looks like decrepit, old, and ugly house, which looks more like a barn. It is located in the historic center of the city in one of the oldest houses, dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. Please note that the museum administration does no repair works in this building, even cosmetic, to save the spirit of past times.

In this museum you can walk through the old rooms and listen to interesting stories. The museum consists of several floors and different rooms, which are furnished from various periods and styles. This helps visitors to see how the mode of life in Australia changed for decades. There are no usual comforts such as bath, toilet, washing machines and heaters.

There is a small and cozy shop at the entrance to the museum. Here you can buy soap, sweet-stuff, jam, or clothespins, stylized as the early twentieth century.

Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian National Maritime Museum is a unique Sydney attraction, which can tell a lot about the history and contemporary marine life in Australia. The museum consists of the museum building itself, several ships such as "Vampire", "Endeavour", and "HMAS Onslow" submarine. They all are moored near the harbor. This unique collection accurately conveys the power of the Australian Navy.

The museum has a rich collection of artifacts collected over the years. Here you can see all that is associated with the water: ancient Aboriginal boats, modern battleships, and surfboards. A special place at museum belongs to the exposure of naval guns.

To spend time at the Maritime Museum with a maximum benefit, it is better to use the services of guides and volunteers. They will surely make an unforgettable tour for you, telling entertaining stories and amazing facts associated with the original showpieces. By the way, you should pay to visit the museum. However, these are trifles compared to those incredible feelings that you receive after seeing all the museum exhibitions.

About Sydney

The city, founded in 1788, was named in honor of the British colonies. Just two centuries ago Sydney was one of the places where prisoners were sent from the UK (their share in the population is more than half). Now, every year millions of tourists come in this amazingly beautiful, though expensive city (first place in the cost of living in the country and 66th in the world).

Where to go, what to see in Sydney?

Acquaintance with the city, you can start with Sydney Harbour. In this area, there is a building of the famous Sydney Opera House, which is considered to be one of the symbols of Sydney, and a botanical garden, where you can see not only the Australian flora, but also some local animals that live in the trees.

From the harbor you can take the ferry or any other form of transport in the water attractions of the city. For example, you may enjoy visiting the Taronga Zoo. If you just decide that you need to look in Sydney with your kids, the Koala Park would be a great option, where you can not only see but also touch these cute little animals. And from Sydney Harbour can be reached to almost any beach town, including the popular Bondi Beach.

What can lovers architectural sights see in Sydney? There is an amazing Sydney Bridge arch, as well as the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, the largest Australian church.

At Darling Harbour, there is an excellent opportunity to visit the Asian (mostly Chinese) restaurants and shops. Not far from this place there is the famous Sydney Aquarium, which is inhabited by more than 11 thousand of species of marine creatures. Nearby there is the "World Wildlife", where animals are almost in their natural habitat. And yet a few steps above the city there is 300-metres high tower with a unique rotating restaurant at the top. By the way, a ticket to the three attractions at once (aquarium, park and TV tower) is much cheaper than each individually.

From what is required to view in Sydney for nightlife lovers, it is worth mentioning the area of Kings Cross. There are dozens of clubs, discos and convenience of cafes and restaurants. There are also shops for adults and other relevant services, even though they cost very expensive.