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Top 10 Sights in Vancouver

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is the green and bright site of Vancouver, one of the most favorite places of the townspeople. There is a place for lovers of quiet relaxation and family outings, for youth companies, and for artists seeking inspiration.

The park is a green peninsula area of 1000 acres, located near the city center. It was founded in 1886. The park was named in honor of the Governor General of Canada, Lord Stanley.

The main feature of Stanley Park is that it was designed by the nature itself. In the late 19th century impenetrable forests rose here. A certain part of this virgin forest were managed to keep still. It occupies a large part of the park.

From April to September rose garden is open in the park. There are many varieties of roses there. Another decoration is a huge aquarium with beluga whales and other marine inhabitants. There is also a zoo and a tropical terrarium. There are a large number of statues, monuments and sculptures in Stanley Park. There are also monuments to the poet Robert Burns, President Harding and Lord Stanley.

There are volleyball courts for adults and water attractions for children on one of the park beaches.

Granville Island

Granville Island is one of the main shopping areas of Vancouver, located on a peninsula in the Bay of Falls Creek.

100 years ago there were so many factories and sawmills that the area was officially called the Industrial island. But over time, it changed. Currently, the famous shopping areas determine its look.

Granville Island is the center of City Market, a building which covers an area of more than 4.6 thousand square meters. There are no chain stores - only the unique shops with varied assortment. Next door to it there is a children's Bazaar - a favorite place for family shopping. In the maritime market, located nearby, guests are invited to visit the theme Museum and purchase the necessary equipment.

Aesthetes will be able to go to several art galleries, which are set on Granville Island. For outdoor enthusiasts a water park works from May to September, which is considered to be the largest in British Columbia. To feel the life in the Granville Island, it is enough to stay with a cup of coffee in one of the outdoor cafes on the busy street.

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre

The State Aquarium, located in Stanley Park is one of the most interesting and mandatory places to visit in Vancouver. Both adults and children, who love watching the variety of life and the underwater world, will definitely learn something new about it.

In addition to exhibitions with underwater scenery of north-west coast of America, there is also a corner dedicated to tropical rivers and seas, and even the corner of the rainforest and its inhabitants. All his can be examined in Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre. Of particular delight for visitors there is a collection of live tropical butterflies, which sometimes break out into the street, leading to the delight of Stanley Park guests.

The aquarium inhabitants are also loved by visitors very much. Here you can see how to feed marine mammals, as well as listen to a fascinating lecture about the deep sea dweller with a demonstration of the natural specimens in the exhibition hall.

There is a museum and small outdoor pools which can be dropped out and touch the sponge or anemone. For the youngest visitors there are corners where they can play with each other, and all the toys that are involved in these games, and themed and in some way connected with nature.


Yaletown district is located in the southeastern part of Vancouver, on the shores of the Falls Creek bay. Yaletown is the most successful pattern that was carefully designed by urban residential development in North America.

For a long time the area did not stand out among other urban areas. And it has become the world famous because of the decision of the city authorities to ennoble it, as previously there were mostly old brick warehouses and parking lots. And, thus, the city did not look attractive.

Thanks to the successful reconstruction project brought to life in less than 20 years, this area now is one of the most preferred destinations for shopping, with all its amazing shops, luxury boutiques, and fashion salons.

Yaletown has all the conditions for an interesting and busy hanging out – restaurants, art galleries, cozy pubs and cafes, souvenir shops. Looking at the modern high-rise buildings and busy streets, the idea that there was nothing here 20 years ago, seems to be completely insane. However, now the area is a landmark in Vancouver and is actively visited by tourists from around the world.  

Grouse Mountain

Photo: Nick

Grouse Mountain is the world-famous resort, one of the most visited attractions in Vancouver. Grouse Mountain (Partridge) is part of the mountain range of North Shore. It is located near Capilano Lake, in the northern part of the city. Its height is 1251 m, but the basic infrastructure is located at an altitude of 275 m. Visitors may climb the mount in special carriages, from the windows of which there are breathtaking views.

In 1954, US Air Force F-86 crashed on the southern slope of the mountain. An abandoned aircraft engine recalls the tragic events.

Guests and inhabitants of the city are attracted by beautiful mountain views at Vancouver and the ocean. There are also many sorts of extreme entertainment. Among the most popular ones there are paragliding, snowboarding and skiing, zip-line (descent by cable on the winch rope) is not a complete list of them.

On the mountain there are 5 lifts, 25 slopes and numerous tracks with total area of 86 hectares. For inexperienced and not liking the thrill skiers there are several lowland trails. After skiing, you can always go to a cafe and enjoy amazing views of landscapes.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver Art Gallery is the largest one in Western Canada and the fifth largest among Canadian art galleries. It is a famous landmark in Vancouver.

The gallery was founded in 1931. Originally, it was located in another building, not far from its current location. Since 1983, the gallery has housed in the Robson square, where the Provincial Court previously housed. Beautiful and impressive building with a dome, surrounded by skyscrapers, is constantly under the gun of tourists` cameras.  

The total area of exhibition space of the art gallery is little less than for thousand square meters. In addition to permanent exhibitions various temporary exhibitions periodically hosts here. Vancouver Art Gallery contains over 10,000 different items. It includes paintings, prints, sculpture, photography and other works of art, and not only by Canadian artists. The basis of the collection is 157 works of Canadian artist and actress Emily Carr that were gifted to the gallery in 1945, as well as paintings by Marc Chagall and Jeff Wall.

Currently, Vancouver Art Gallery plans to build a new building to increase the exhibition area at least twice.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Photo: GoToVan

Capilano Suspension Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in Canada. It is situated in the northern part of Vancouver.

The bridge and the river, across which it is built, was called  in honor of the leader of one of the Indian tribes, which lived in the territory of Vancouver many years ago. The height of the bridge is 70 meters, length is 136 meters. Capilano Suspension Bridge is a private property. You should pay to enter it. Nevertheless, it annually attracts about 800 thousand tourists.  

Bridge across the Capilano River was built in 1889. It is a genius product of the Scottish engineer Grant McKay. The bridge was built of cedar planks and hemp ropes. In 1903, they were removed and changed to metal wires. A complete renovation of the bridge was carried out in 1956.

In 2004, the current owner, Nancy Stibbart, opened the attraction of the seven pedestrian bridges on the west side of the gorge. All designs are completely safe, but a strong wind or a large gathering of people may swing bridges significantly, causing a rush of adrenaline of all tourists.  From the height of the suspended bridges, there is a magnificent view of the green age-old forests and snow-white mountain peaks.

Kitsilano Beach

Photo: SKXE

Kitsilano Beach is Vancouver's most famous beach, located on the southern coast of the Gulf of English Bay. It was called in honor of the famous Indian chief.

Kitsilano District is one of the most fashionable and prestigious in Vancouver. It is very popular among numerous tourists. There are a large number of apartments with the highest rents in the city (due to this, the area is one of the most peaceful and prosperous). There is no industry here. Beautiful sea air is clean and fresh. There are all the conditions for a healthy and active lifestyle. All these factors determine such a high rating of the area and the beach itself in particular.

Sandy Kitsilano Beach is the perfect place to relax with your family or company. The beach is full of townspeople and visitors of all ages in the warmer months. It has an outdoor swimming pool, golf facilities, beach volleyball, children's slides and playgrounds.

Warm sand, clear water, sound and well-organized infrastructure make this beach a real attraction of the city and one of the essential points in the excursion programs.

University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology

Photo: d*lindsay

Anthropological Museum is located on the territory of one of the most famous Canadian Universities - University of British Columbia. It was founded in 1949 as an educational museum of the University. Later, it attained the status of an anthropological museum. Now it has a unique, both in quantity and composition, collection, which the best anthropological museums in the world envy very much.

University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology presently contains 36 thousand units of ethnographic exhibits and 535 thousand archeological artifacts, but only 10 thousand items are on permanent display. The museum's collections are divided on a geographical basis. All the visitors are offered exhibits from all over the world - from North America to Australia, from Europe to Africa. One of the world's most stunning collections of Inuit cultural heritage, various Native American tribes that lived in the north-west coast of Canada can be examined in University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology.

The museum surrounding area proposes all guests a unique beautiful park with totem poles, magnificent botanical gardens, including a Japanese classic garden.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

One of the attractions of Vancouver is a unique classical Chinese garden. It is a famous place for the atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

It took a year and a half to build the garden. The company Sun Yat-Sen initiated the building. It aims at supporting and strengthening mutual understanding between Chinese and Western culture, with the assistance of local authorities. 52 craftsmen from China were working on the landscape of the park, putting here all their knowledge and skills. The name of the garden, as well as society itself, was in honor of a prominent Chinese politician, revolutionary Sun Yat-sen. The park was opened in April 24, 1986.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden was created in the style of classical gardens of the Ming Dynasty. Its area is very small, only 0.16 hectares. However, in 2011, it won first place among urban gardens in the world by National Geographic ranking.

Beautiful ponds, arbors, winding paths, asymmetrical arrangement of plants and stones struck the imagination of any traveler. At this point, you can feel the flow of energy, but at the same time, it adjusts to the lyrical mood and thoughts. All fans of the beauty of Chinese classical garden will certainly enjoy coming here.

About Vancouver

Vancouver is the third largest locality in Canada. It is not very large. Its population is 600 thousand people. However, the metropolitan area (the so-called Greater Vancouver) is home to over 2 million. The city is consistent with the status of one of the largest industrial and commercial centers of the country.

Vancouver is also known as the capital of the 2010 Winter Olympics, and another for three years he was considered "the best cities in the world" according to the British magazine "The Economist".

Most of the city's population speaks English, although many French moved here. International port and airport, as well as a considerable number of attract tourists attractions provide an opportunity to hear the conversation in Vancouver in almost any language in the world.

Where to go, what to see in Vancouver?

Tourists visit the city to see its natural and architectural beauty hard to find elsewhere. What can you see in Vancouver that it is worth the trip here even with the opposite edge of the planet?

First of all, it is Lions Bridge. It is visible from a distance of half a kilometer. The Bridge is guarded by statues of white lions. Another famous bridge, Capilano, can be seen in the northern part of the city. Its almost 140-meter-long structure makes it the longest suspension bridge in the country and attracts nearly one million visitors annually.

From what you need to look in Vancouver, it is worth noting Fort Langley Park, where you can and enjoy the spectacular scenery and visit the buildings, made more than two hundred years ago.

Impressive and almost untouched by man beauty dense forests and deep lakes meet the travelers at the famous Stanley Park.

Lovers of the museum of curiosities should definitely go to the Maritime Museum, one of the exhibits of which there is a ship. And the Museum of Anthropology you can see the unique exhibition dedicated to the indigenous population of the country.

What to see in Vancouver necessarily, if you come here with the whole family? Visiting the city aquarium, is both a science center, with its marine life and located the same collection of butterflies will love and adults and a child.

Also, almost any tourist in Vancouver is worth visiting on the mountain partridge, which can be reached by cable car. Here you can simply enjoy the wonderful view, and you can enjoy extreme sports such as snowboarding.