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Top 10 Sights in Shanghai

The Bund

Photo: an.yonghua

The Bund territory exceeds many areas of Shanghai. In the surrounding area you can see more than 50 different architectural styles. One of the brightest and the most conspicuous buildings of the Bund is Custom House, which was built in 1927 in neo-classical style. A distinctive feature of this structure is the clock tower with a unique clock. It is the most massive one in China. Among other famous buildings of the Bund an old house can be distinguished. From 1923 to 1955 it was the headquarters of Bank of Shanghai.

Every house and building of this unique area of Shanghai has a unique history. In addition, each building was erected in the new style, not like the others.

You should visit this quarter to experience the unique atmosphere that can only be found here. You should see Shanghai`s life with your own eyes and feel the true spirit of China. Only in the Bund area you can admire the huge variety of architectural styles, walking along cozy and beautiful streets. In general we can say that this place will be interesting even to the most discerning travelers, who have already seen the whole world.

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum is one of the most spectacular sights of China, which is able to accurately tell the story of the Chinese Empire. The museum has one the largest and the richest collection of ancient Chinese art. It can be observed in 11 galleries and 3 exhibition halls. Shanghai Museum was opened to the public in 1952. Since that time, it has been one of the first items on the list of tourist places to visit in China.

The museum's collection includes more than 120 thousand exhibits, counting art objects of national significance. For example, you should definitely look at well-known for its beauty and grandeur bronze mirrors that belonged to the Han Dynasty. Among the most interesting exhibitions assembly seals, ancient coins, bronze and ceramic products, furniture, jewelry and costumes of ethnic minorities can be distinguished.

The most interesting galleries here are rooms with samples of Chinese art, namely, jade figurines, blue and white porcelain, and calligraphy. In addition, in Shanghai Museum you can also admire paintings and sculptures by European masters.


Photo: Jonathan

This ancient city is proud of its more than a thousand years history. It is a water town on the outskirts of Shanghai. It is located 50 km from the center of Shanghai. Due to the unique location of the city riddled with canals and channels through which boats and small vessels transport. They skillfully maneuver in narrow aisles bridges, while transporting tourists.

Travelers from around the world are attracted here by a special atmosphere that you can feel, walking in the maze of narrow streets with lots of stone bridges. You can wander for hours along such streets.

The main feature of this city is its similarity with Venice, thanks to superb arched stone bridges, canals and stunning ancient streets. Zhujiajiao has already received a special charm due to numerous houses that were built during the reign of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1644 and 1644-1911). A unique bridge can be observed in excellent condition here. It was built in 1571.

This combination of unique sights of architectural character and natural origin can only be seen in this beautiful city.

Shanghai World Financial Center

Photo: kanegen

Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) is a skyscraper, which ranks third among the tallest buildings in the world. Its height is 492 meters. This grand building is located in the prestigious Shanghai Lujiazui business district, which is commonly known as the Chinese Wall Street. There are many located hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, conference rooms, and the famous Park Hyatt Hotel in this skyscraper. Among other things, on the upper floors of this giant there is a viewing platform from which you can admire the magnificent views of the metropolis.

On the upper floors of a skyscraper a keystone "window" has settled. It was supposed to be round, but because of the similarity with the rising sun, a symbol of Japan, which irritated the Chinese form of "aperture", it has been replaced by a trapezoid, embodies the image of the "moon gate". This is a traditional element in Chinese architecture.

This gigantic structure is a striking landmark of both Shanghai and China, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Yuyuan Garden

Photo: MojoBaron

Yuyuan Garden is not only the oldest and the most beautiful park in Shanghai, but also a real Mecca for tourists from all over the world. The base of this park dates back to the period of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), namely 1559. Yuyuan Garden is a real work of landscape and architecture. In the center of the park there is a garden with magnificent decorative stone hills. There are walls depicting dragons, various towers and pavilions. Such constructions as "Spring Hall" and "Hall of all prayers" are particularly noteworthy. The main feature of the Yuyuan Garden is that each element of the park carries the certain meaning and idea.

Beautiful ponds with lots of huge carp and beautiful goldfish that swim to the shore and eat straight from hands give irresistible charm of the park.

This place should be visited to experience the atmosphere of ancient China, which is created by a unique ensemble of pavilions, teahouses, islands on the water, and a plurality of bridges. One can walk along Yuyuan Garden for days without stopping.

Longhua Temple

Photo: kanegen

In a unique tourist town Longhua, which is located in the south of Shanghai, there are many beautiful sights. The most beautiful building of the city is the Longhua Temple, which consists of the composition of the monastery, pagodas and the mausoleum. All buildings of the Longhua ensemble have a traditional Chinese style. It is characterized by a combination of white walls, black tiles, indoor corridors, winding lanes and tiny alleys.

The Longhua Temple is the oldest and the largest monastery in Shanghai, which was built during the reign of the Three Kingdoms. It was about 242 BC. It consists of 7 beautiful rooms – Buddhist sect of Chan.

Great sound of the main temple bell attracts tourists from all over the world. They come to admire the grandeur and luxury composition of Longhua. The Pagoda gives a special charm of the ensemble. It is an octagonal building in seven floors with inverted roofs. There are bells in the corners. The pagoda is located opposite the monastery. It was built during the Song Dynasty.

Such greatness, wealth and luxury must be seen at least once in a life.

Jade Buddha Temple

Shanghai is a unique city that grows rapidly, but at the same time maximum retains its tradition and honors the past. One of these historical sites is a grand Jade Buddha Temple. The construction of the monastery began in 1882, when a monk imported jade Buddha statue of two meters height from Burma to Shanghai. Then he built a magnificent temple around the precious artifact. Since that time, the monastery has been a place of worship for thousands of believers. Sometimes the number of pilgrims reaches 20 thousand people a day.

In addition to religious values, Jade Buddha Temple is known as valuable cultural heritage. This monastery includes a rich collection of cultural monuments. Except Buddha statues, there are a variety of porcelain, valuable paintings and more than seven thousand Dazang Sutras, which are located in the tower.

Despite the grandeur of various exposures, the temple attracts tourists from all over the world due to huge Buddha of pure white jade adorned with jewels in the form of emerald and ruby stones.

Shanghai Maglev

Shanghai Maglev is not only one of the systems of transport infrastructure, but also an attraction of China. Shanghai Maglev has been ranked first by the length of the lines in the world (420 km). Daily passenger flow reaches seven million people. This subway line is very young. Today it consists of twelve existing branches. The construction of another five will begin soon. They will be a continuation of the existing ones. In addition, 11 subway lines and ten branches for rail transport will be implemented soon.

Shanghai Maglev is a modern, fast, clean and inexpensive. All underground halls are equipped with plasma panels, which display the time of the arrival of the next couple of trains. All wagons are equipped with monitors, which broadcast various advertising and the name of the next station.

Shanghai Maglev is well equipped for disabled movement. The main disadvantages of the metro are strong underground congestion during peak hours and long transitions between branches.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Pearl of the Orient is not only the tallest tower in Asia (its height is 468 meters), but also a full-fledged television tower in Shanghai, as well as the city's top attraction. It seems that this tower is strewn with real pearls. In fact, these pearls are made from huge balls of various diameters of steel with a colorful painting in the amount of 11 pieces.

This high-rise structure is a product of all the new technologies. The foundation of the tower consists of a steel pipe with a diameter of 9 meters. Inside the tower there is a unique, one in Shanghai, double-deck elevator for 50 people. There are also two middle elevators, each can accommodate 30 passengers. There is also a conventional 6-speed elevator.

There are two viewing platforms in Oriental Pearl TV Tower, one of which is located at an altitude of 263 meters, and the second one in 360-meters. There are restaurants on these platforms where one can eat and relax while enjoying the beautiful panorama of Shanghai.

Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road is the street that has an interesting and ancient history. Nanjing Road is a pioneer in Shanghai. Its formation dates back to the late nineteenth century, the period of the end of the Opium War. In 1949, there were only four stores on it. Today, this street has such a number and variety of shops and boutiques that they barely fit on five kilometers.

When you get to the street, you will immediately see that it has everything that you could imagine at all. In addition to the bright windows of boutiques and shops, there are hotels, cafes, restaurants and theaters on Nanjing Road.

Despite the abundance of official representative of famous brands and trademarks, you are more likely to purchase goods produced in the next entrance here. Therefore, you must be very careful and vigilant on Nanjing Road. Please try not to lose your head from the windows shine.

You can walk for days on the street of Shanghai. The city is very beautiful at both day and night. The most important thing is not to fall under the influence of hypnosis, which is in the air here.