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English Garden (Englischer Garten)

English Park in Munich is a huge garden of unsurpassed beauty, which is situated on the banks of the Isar River near the very center of the Bavarian capital. This park was created in 1792 by the famous and talented architect Friedrich Schinkel, and the park had acquired his name due to the dominance of the English landscape style, the concept of which is the most natural in the design of landscape architecture and landscapes. The park was created by an extensive network of large streams and one picturesque lake. All garden ponds, though made artificially, but its origin is taken to an underground river system, powered by the River Isar.

English Park in Munich is a very popular place for walking, relaxing and active recreation residents and visitors alike. There is almost always possible to see Friendly Family or couples who have settled on the lush green lawns and picnic. Among other things, in the garden there is a designated place where you can sunbathe and even naked.

In this park there is always something to see - in the garden is located quite a few remarkable and interesting places, such as the temple Monopteros, picturesque lake, beer gardens and magnificent Chinese Tower.

Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche)

The Church of Our Lady in Munich (Frauenkirche) is not only the current Cathedral Catholic archdiocese, but also the most recognizable and grand vista of the Bavarian capital. Erection of Frauenkirche lasted for twenty years, namely from 1468 to 1488. The pearl of the whole cathedral complex is considered to be its tower. Its height is almost one hundred meters, which were crowned with domes, cupolas in 1525 and since then is a kind of visiting card of Munich. Although initially in their place would have to install the spikes, but they were too expensive decoration. If you climb on one of the towers of the Cathedral, you can admire the magnificent views of the city and the magnificent ridge of the Alps.

From inside the church is no less interesting and grander than the outside. Among the most notable attractions of Frauenkirche a stunning body, the unique altar of St. Andrew, skilled manual work benches choirs, as well as the tomb of King Louis IV of Bavaria, created from a unique black marble can be distinguished. The remains royal family lies in the crypt of the cathedral.

There is a legend that says that this cathedral attended Satan himself, who left his mark in front of his feet. Whether it is true or not is a moot point, but that's what it strange – it's a fact.

St. Peter's Church (Peterskirche)

The origin of the Church of St. Peter's began with the construction of a small wooden church in the 12th century on Peter hill. After the big fire in 1327 the whole monastery burnt. And it remains as basements of western towers were there was the basis for the construction of a huge cathedral in honor of St. Peter.

For many centuries of its existence, the church has undergone quite a few changes. It was originally built in the Gothic style. It was soon rebuilt in baroque style, and then changed the face towards the Rococo style. Last reconstruction works were completed in 2000. Some restoration works took place after heavy damage during the Second World War. In today's image of St. Peter's Cathedral can see the unique fusion of several architectural styles, which is surprisingly very harmoniously with each other, emphasizing the magnificence of this church.

The main feature of this monastery can be called an old altar created in 1733. It occupies the central place in the temple. It is decorated with Corinthian columns and golden velvet backdrop. The altar is crowned with four statues of saints. The central among them is the figure of St. Peter with the papal tiara on his head, which can only be removed in the event of the death of the Pope. And after the election of a new head of the Catholic, it returns to its place.

Deutsches Museum

The most extensive of this kind museum of technology and science is located in Munich. This museum has an incredibly rich exposition, which collected more than 28-thousand a variety of exhibits dedicated more than 50 sciences. Therefore, it is not surprising that this place has a high global popularity and fame. Each year this museum in Munich is visited by more than a half million people. Within the walls of the Deutsches Museum will be interesting and informative not only for guests, well-versed in science, but also for everyone else, because everything is so entertaining exposition that no one will be completely indifferent of.

The museum was founded in 1925 and is located on the famous Museum Island in the waters of the River Isar. At all times, its main purpose has been to educate the public and the dissemination of scientific knowledge and achievements in an accessible and understandable form among people of different professions and categories. Visit this museum is a must, if only to see with my own eyes the first electric dynamo, German submarines that participated in both the First and the Second World War, and the first of engines Benz 1866. Among other things, the Deutsches Museum has its own planetarium.


As in all European cities, leading its history since the Middle Ages, Munich has a large main square called Plaza Maria. This name comes from the tower of St. Mary, which is decorated with Independence in 1638. Since its founding, the area served as a platform for various jousting and conduct at the time of traditional bazaars and fairs.

Presently, Marienplatz is one of the most visited and popular among travelers from around the world, though the fair on it for a long time does not suit. On the territory of the Maidan is located quite a few remarkable buildings that are worth a must-see.

Particularly noteworthy buildings are the Old Town Hall, whose construction dates back to the period of 1470-1480-ies. At the moment she puts a unique Toy Museum. "Pearl" is the grand Marienplatz, New Town Hall, which was built in 1909 in neo-Gothic style on the site of the demolished 24 houses. In addition to unsurpassed panoramic city views from the observation deck, it is famous for its tower and clock.


Viktualienmarkt is the main place of purchase of food and other goods among the citizens of Munich, as well as one of the most popular attractions among tourists who come to this place to see the real city without any masks and pretense. This market is capable of any of his guest surprise huge variety of non-food items and a bright palette of exquisite delicacies.

Viktualienmarkt was founded in 1807 by the order of King Maximilian on the place of the old, more modest market. During the Second World War, this market underwent quite severe damage, but the local authorities did find the necessary funds for its restoration. Today Viktualienmarkt market represents a huge outdoor area where hundreds of thousands of different tents, pavilions, tents and kiosks are located.

During the walks on the market the impression that you leaf through the colorful pages of the cookbook - range of food on Viktualienmarkt is so wide and varied that it attracts a huge amount to see tourists from all over the world. In addition, in the territory of the bazaar are several traditional beer gardens, where you can try delicious beer and watch this pace of city life.

Old Picture Gallery (Alte Pinakothek)

Munich is a great city, which is famous throughout the world for its variety of museums of world significance. The most worthy among these is the Art Gallery Alte Pinakothek, which was created in 1836 by order of King Ludwig I, who was a true connoisseur of art and a passionate paintings collector.

Alte Pinakothek is known as one of the most popular galleries around the world, as well as one of the richest treasuries with priceless paintings. This gallery exhibits works of the masters of the Middle Ages, dating from a period starting from the middle of the 18th century. There is a collection of 700 paintings, located in 19 halls and 49-year-offices.  

A distinctive feature of the Alte Pinakothek is the lack of other works of art, in addition to paintings, in particular sculptures, antique furniture, graphics and other objects of applied art, which sets this gallery in a series of others. In the Alte Pinakothek very strictly maintained the concept of asceticism. In the walls of some greed prevails Pinakothek decoration.

Residenz Royal Palace

Among the most notable attractions of Munich Residence the Bavarian kings can distinguish, which consists of a whole ensemble of buildings with gorgeous courtyards. This architectural composition just needs to be visited while in Munich. The residence was erected over the years and with each successive ruler it joined up all the new buildings. It is located on the site where once upon a time there was a fortress surrounded by a moat.

A visit to the royal residence will be very exciting, because there is something to see. Of all the sights of the Palace can be distinguished the oldest building the Antiquarium. It is a domed hall, where there are a huge number of ancient sculptures. No less spectacular is the Treasury. It is the room, which for several centuries stunning valuable jewelries were kept. Among them there are a lot of unique items. Kyuvile Theatre deserves special attention. It is considered to be the most beautiful theater in the luxurious rococo throughout Europe.

Being in the Munich Residence, do not deny yourself the pleasure to explore the collection of coins, which is considered the largest in the world and represents a collection of coins from the 7th century BC Very interesting exhibition of Egyptian art museum has, where you can admire the unique statues, sarcophagi and jewelry from semi-precious metals and bronze. 

Bayerische Staatsoper Opera House

Bavarian State Opera enjoys a deserved recognition all over the world, and many connoisseurs call it the best in the entire world. This is not surprising. The theater is strikingly majestic and incredibly beautiful on the outside thanks to a stunning architectural performance. Massive columns, amazing bunk roof, decorated with elaborate ornament, create a lasting impression of this building. And the interior design of the Opera admires its magnificence. Stunning room, grand hall and soft comfortable place creates a kind of solemn atmosphere. In addition to its inimitable appearance and luxurious interior, the Bavarian State Opera is deservedly proud of its content, namely the impressive performances and consummate acting performance. On its stage are frequent visitors meters ballet and opera world level, as well as the famous choreographers.

Visit to the Bavarian State Opera, the ability to make love opera, even those who were previously indifferent to this kind of art. Its building has a unique atmosphere and setting themselves will remain in memory for a long time and leave a lasting positive impression.

BMW Welt

Photo: Daniel H.

BMW Welt is a unique and very informative attraction of Munich. In an oblique quadrangular building with rounded corners there shown in numerous public review all existing models concern the production of automobiles BMW, ever let this plant. All exhibits of the museum you can see, admire, compared with each other and, of course, make a purchase.

Exhibition car is simply amazing in its scope and diversity. The museum is divided into seven thematic areas: history of a great brand, the history of the company directly, progressive evolution models, the evolution of design, technology, and the Department of racing cars and motorcycles. Visiting this museum makes a big impression even on those who were not previously interested in machines - an exhibition organized so elaborately that curiosity manifested at all. Beside each exhibit is an electronic scoreboard, where you can read all necessary information.

BMW Welt is a stunning modern world of BMW, which is the first step in the museum, captures all your attention. By the way, not far from the museum building the plant itself is located, where it is possible to get an appointment for an interesting tour.

Biergarten am Chinesischen Turm

Photo: Lolinka

Germany, in particular Munich is one of those places where there is a huge cult of beer. This foamy drink enjoyed incredible popularity among the country's population – drink it anytime and anywhere. But the most favorite places to relax in the company of a glass of beer are barbarity, which is a huge area in the fresh air.

Biergarten am Chinesischen Turm has become a kind of "chip" in Munich, which is very clearly emphasizes the unique flavor of the townspeople. One of the most popular and best in the entire city can be called Biergarten am Chinesischen Turm. This place is the huge and, of course, the most popular in Europe, so it is always very crowded. Despite the fact that its capacity is up to eight thousand people, it has an incredibly comfortable, cozy and friendly atmosphere.

Benches and tables in Biergarten am Chinesischen Turm stand on a large area, which is surrounded by old chestnuts. The guests Biergarten am Chinesischen Turm located around quite a high tower, which is reflected in the title of the institution. This pagoda was built back in 1789, but after the destruction during the Second World War it was once again restored. In nice and sunny weather in the territory of Biergarten am Chinesischen Turm plays wonderful brass band.

Nymphenburg Palace (Schloss Nymphenburg)

In the western part of Munich there is one of the most beautiful sights of the city, which is different kind of elegant architecture and immaculate interior. Nymphenburg Palace is certainly worth a visit, in order to fully appreciate all the superiority of architectural art of the German people. This mansion was built in 1675 by decree of Ferdinand Maria. The castle was built in the grandiose baroque. Since the time of its construction to the present day palace has expanded considerably, and that is very valuable. It has retained its original appearance.

Directly behind the castle stretches a magnificent park, which is characterized by an elegant refinement and even certain pretentiousness. The park has an amazing, you could even say the magic atmosphere. Palace and Gardens form one ensemble that attracts the attention of a huge number of curious tourists from around the world.

Special attention deserves Great Hall, which is richly decorated with frescoes of the famous Zimmerman unsurpassed. No less remarkable is Lacquer Cabinet with its red and black lacquered unique Chinese panels.

The pearl of the whole palace complex is famous throughout the world Gallery of Beauties, which exhibited 36 portraits of the most beautiful women in Europe, written Shtilerom.


To fully experience the Bavarian hospitality, comfort and coziness, you must visit the most popular restaurant in Munich. It is Augustine Keller restaurant, which is located in a very old building with a rich history. The atmosphere here is very special. It is very friendly and cheerful, greeted each visitor as a guest expensive, and are treated very tasty and hearty traditional Bavarian cuisine.

All the rooms of the restaurant are very worthy of careful examination - once with the entrance there is a feeling that you are in the museum. The restaurant has completely versatile rooms that seemed to breathe history. The choice of visitor facilities is presented in the comfort of your home, as well as more than an elaborate and grand design. For example, Hall "Birshtyuberl" with a capacity of 60 people has a certain intimacy, comfort and a magnificent interior decoration, which is decorated with grand chandeliers and superb old paintings.

"Pearl" of the restaurant can be called a huge banquet hall that can accommodate a 600 people. The peculiarity of this building is not only in its size, but also in a unique Prussian vault. Beautiful paintings, magnificent chandeliers, ceiling made of wood, decorated with elaborately carved, give the room a special solemnity and luxury. Without any doubt we can say that this is the best restaurant in the whole of Bavaria.

St. Michael's Church (Michaelskirche)

St. Michael's Church is a grand Jesuit building, which at one time was one of the most important strongholds of the Counter-Reformation. The monastery is impressive in its scope, particularly of indoor decoration. Rumor has it that its construction lasted more than 14 years and almost led to the bankruptcy of the country. During the Second World War during the bombing church has been hit hard, but by 1948 the ninth year has been completely restored.

Church of St. Michael - is undeniably a work of architectural art. Facade of the church is decorated triangular pediment and decorated with a grand statue of Christ. Its appearance resembles the classical medieval monastery town hall. And in the temple niches installed another 15 magnificent statues of the patrons of the church, namely all Vittelsbahskih princes.

The peculiarity of the Cathedral of St. Michael is not only his excellent form, but also in the fact that he keeps a crypt, where the remains of Ludwig II, Wilhelm V and Maximilian, as well as numerous relics of saints.

Modern Picture Gallery (Pinakothek der Moderne)

Photo: JasonParis

Pinakothek der Moderne is a grand art museum, which consists of four separate museums representing different kinds of art, from the 18th century to the 21st century. In Pinakothek there are exhibited sculpture and painting a variety of samples of types and styles, in particular modern, cubism, minimalism, new constructivism, photorealism, and many others. Presently, the museum has a fund that consists of more than three hundred sculptures and more than three thousand paintings. In the Pinakothek der Moderne exhibits can see a collection of German painting, the work of English origin and paintings by French masters.

The museum was founded in 1853 by Ludwig I. Since that time, this place has been one of the most notable and popular in Munich. This is called the Pinakothek der Moderne peculiar feature of the old and new art, which is very harmonious and easily poured into the life of Munich, engendered a new cultural era.

Of the most striking exhibits is possible to allocate a unique collection of the Museum of Architecture, which is considered the largest in the whole of Germany, and has an incredibly rich fund in the form of various sketches, drawings, as well as excellent models of famous talented architects.

About Munich

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, the third largest (after Hamburg and Berlin) city in Germany. It is home to about 1.5 million people. This metropolis is famous for its cultural heritage, research potential and the best beer.

Where to go, what to see in Munich?

The heart of Munich is the area known as Old Town. When deciding what to see in Munich, it is necessary to begin acquaintance with this ancient citadel from here. Originating as a place of residence of monks, Old Munich is famous for its magnificent temples.

Cathedral of Our Lady, built in the XV century, is considered to be the hallmark of the city. All tourists here enjoy grand organs and altars. St. Peter's Church for eight centuries of its existence was destroyed and rebuilt many times, so it combines the features of a variety of architectural styles. And the main church of the Jesuits is the monastery of St. Michael. It is astounding for its unique bronze statues.

Not so easy to answer the question that is interesting to see in Munich. After all, there are side by side the oldest historical monuments and modern monuments arranged. Alte Pinakothek, created by order of the monarch in 1836, contains only unique paintings, and Pinakothek der Moderne, opened 17 years later, serves as a repository of unique sculptures and paintings of various styles and eras, from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Next to these cultural treasures there is German Museum. Here, there are many samples of technical inventions of the past centuries, and most modern museum BMW. Of course, during the journey you cannot escape and the main square of the city - the Marienplatz, which serves as building decoration of New and Old Town Hall. There is now popular Toy Museum here.

View Munich for one day, of course, will not work. But to evaluate the historical wealth of the nation and can be for a day, if you have time to visit the Nymphenburg Palace, built in the XVII century, royal residence, with its unique treasure or the Bavarian State Opera. It is a building which is considered one of the most luxurious in the world.

Make a list of things to see in Munich, it is worth at least an hour to get lost in the alleys of the English Park, walk along the paths, where once walked the kings, and then have a beer in "Chinese Tower" birbartene. However, this drink can be enjoyed in any area of Munich. There are special beer gardens, in restaurants or in the halls of Viktualienmarkt. It is the most popular place in the city.