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Playa Icacos

Photo: Jeff Gunn

Acapulco can truly be called a city of beaches. Here every tourist can choose his own beach, meeting all own individual preferences. In particular, Playa Icacos is suitable for those who are tired of the daily vanity and want to spend time in a fun.

Ikakos is very crowded. It is placed inside the area of tourism, called golden Acapulco. The beach stretches deep into the Gulf of St. Lucia on Highway Coster-Mogel Alemán. Playa Icacos is one of the most famous beaches, not only in Acapulco, but also in all Mexico.

It is here that the most status hotels, luxury condominium towers, a string of bars and restaurants to suit all tastes, shopping malls, discos and, of course, a huge water park called Cici Acapulco Magico are situated.

Sisi-Acapulco Magico is famous for its large-scale daily dolphin and sea lions shows. In addition, you can personally feed the crocodiles and piranhas, admire the immense aquarium, and visit numerous slides, pools and other water attractions.

Barra Vieja beach

Photo: Sam Kelly

Gorgeous beach called Barra Vieja is located near the highway leading to the international airport. It offers a good view; in particular, Tres Palos Lagoon can be seen. It is one of the most well-known of its scenic attractions of Acapulco.

Along the beach of Barra Vieja, there is a plurality of small restaurants and cafes, offering its guests Mexican and European cuisine, rich in seafood and a different kind of delicacies.

At this beach you will not meet any annoying traders, obsessive and loudly offers to buy souvenirs and local products. So you can completely rely on a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle.

Here water has a bright blue color. The water here is crystal clear, warm sand is under your feet. If you want to ride a boat or catamaran – rental service is always at your disposal. There is also a chance to do some horseback riding and take a horse ride through the nearby neighborhoods.

By the way, at a close distance to the beach Barra Vieja there is National Park area. It is rich in a variety of rare plants and exotic birds of Mexico.

Fort of San Diego

Fort of San Diego is considered to be the most ancient and very interesting attraction around Acapulco. The place is a tacit witness of vicious attacks on Acapulco from robbers, as well as shopping success that attained city at certain moments of its existence.

San Diego fortress was built in the period from 1615 to 1617. The fort was planned for trading purposes, as well as to protect the city from pirates and strangers from England and Holland. The shape of the building resembles a five-pointed star.

During its existence the Fort of San Diego has been significantly distorted by the earthquake that occurred in Mexico in the XVIII century. However, the design of it was restored almost completely, and until the XIX century, the fortress of San Diego was the main defensive structure throughout the Pacific area.

Today, the fortress is given to the historical museum, which exhibits include artifacts pores of the Spanish conquest; evidence of the activities of pirates in the area; documentation of an trade relations with Asian countries; weapons used for the defense of Acapulco and a huge Spanish galleon.

Capilla de la Paz

A true symbol of Acapulco can rightly be called an ancient palace, called Capilla de la Paz. This castle is located on the faults Las Brisas, at the highest point around Acapulco that allows enjoying a truly great city views its observation deck. You can also enjoy the view of snow-capped peaks of the nearby mountains.

Capilla de la Paz was built in ancient times, which, however, did not prevent it from staying in perfect condition. Next to it there is an unusual monument shaped like a firm handshake. This monument was designed and installed in 1972 at the expense of the True couple as a sign of their mutual trust and willingness to always support each other.

Also not far from the Chapel of Peace there is another object that attracts special attention of all tourists. It is a huge cross with a height of over 42 meters. According to ancient legend, this Cross is protects Acapulco from all misfortunes and brings good luck sea travelers.

Playa Condesa

Playa Condesa is the most famous beach in Acapulco. It is located between the park «CICI» and Glorieta Diana. Along the coast here there are the major hotels of the highest average category, as well as nightclubs, restaurants and great shopping centers. Condesa Beach originates from the hotel Crown Plaza. It is the most remarkable in terms of the architecture hotel in Acapulco, built relatively recently, in 1982. The hotel resembles a sea boat in its shape.

In addition, fans of extreme entertainment will be pleased of a large number of proposals of this kind. The most popular among them is the bungee. If you decide to jump, you will receive a diploma and a special commemorative T-shirt.

Also on Condesa there are facilities for parasailing, skycoaster attraction, surfing board’s rental service and water skis. However, you may come across some difficulties if you wish just to swim. The matter is that the beach is located in the central part of the Acapulco bay, where there are no natural wave’s barriers. Only slightly adjust the water surface three small-sized island Faraglioni, Morro Chico and La Redonda.

Acapulco Diamante

Acapulco is usually separated by a conventional three tourist zones. It is also respectively called the Golden Acapulco, Old Town and Diamond Acapulco. Some tourists also know another name Acapulco Diamante, which sounds like Punta Diamante.

Acapulco Diamante is the newest area. On its development local authorities found it necessary to direct its main financial flows. So in this part of the port there was an enormous amount of luxury places and pastimes to stay. Only in Punta Diamante can contemplate such a large concentration of the most expensive and, as a consequence, comfortable hotels, luxurious private villas, residential complexes, luxury condominiums and casinos, boutiques, restaurants, night clubs and other things.

Among the above we should give a special attention to Mundo Imperial (tourist complex, which includes an exclusive five-star hotel, a huge exhibition hall, as well as the promenade for pleasant walks, SPA), Fairmont Acapulco Princess (hotel with 8 tennis courts, on its territory the tournament Mexican Tennis Open is held annually).

La Quebrada Cliff Divers

La Quebrada is an artificially created name of a place that is located between two cliffs cleft serving for ventilation port city of Acapulco. Particular attention of the tourists is attracted by La Quebrada divers shows conducted here. This show is that from a cliff height of 35 m, in the crevice of La Quebrada perform their spectacular stunt-jumping divers.

Explained by such a great popularity of this show is not so much the height of the cliff from which jumpers make their diving as extremely difficult conditions for jumping. After all, the distance between the cliffs is very few, only a few meters. Each diver miscalculated power jump can break on the opposite cliff, and before reaching the coveted narrow strip of water.

And that's not the worst. Adrenaline adds to this knowledge the fact that the depth of the bay is also dramatically low. It is only 5 meters, which, as you know, is very, very dangerous.

The show has been held here for 75 years, from the moment when a few desperate fishermen made their first jump, arguing with each other.

Pie de la Cuesta

Pi de la Cuesta is a neighborhood in the suburban area of Acapulco, ending with a strip of sand. There is a famous lagoon which was filmed in the movie Rambo.

Along the entire coastline of the local there is a large number of small budget hotels. If you stay there, you will significantly save on accommodation. However, the conditions of stay and luxury expected, of course, is not necessary.

Using the services of local boaters, you can easy access one of the many homely restaurants, which serves dishes made from fresh caught fish in this lagoon.

If you are in search of a peaceful and picturesque place where you can relax with the kids and enjoy the indescribably magnificent sunset or just spend your time in peace and quiet, broken only by bird calls and lapping of the waves, the beach Pie de la Cuesta is the most suitable place for you. Only in Acapulco you can find such facilities!

Playa Revolcadero

Playa Revolcadero can safely be called one of the most beautiful beaches, not only in Acapulco, but also in all Mexico. It is located in the south side of Acapulco. At this point, the water has a truly fabulous bright blue hue. However, it is crystal clear and very clean. Though, if you are an inexperienced swimmer, then swimming in these areas could become a dangerous undertaking. After all, the height of the waves of the Pacific is sometimes of a few meters.

Sand on Playa Revolcadero has a dark gray color. Along the coast of Revolcadero there are several hotels where travelers can stay for a relatively modest cost. They also have the opportunity to have a tasty lunch in one of the local cafes or restaurants. It also does not cost too much.

For lovers of sea walks on the beach, Revolcadero provides an opportunity of hiring a boat. There you will be able to get a lifeline or mattress for swimming, chair and parasol. You can enter Playa Revolcadero for free.

Playa Caleta and Playa Caletilla

Photo: Jeff

Playa Caleta and Playa Caletilla are the most famous beaches among visitors and the residents of Acapulco. Due to the fact that these beaches are separated from the Pacific Ocean by a small island, the water is calm enough here and is acceptable for swimming for families with children and the elderly.

Near Playa Caleta and Playa Caletilla you will not hear loud music, noise, echoes of incendiary parties. Here, everything is made for relaxation and tranquility. Perhaps that is why married couples with their children are so fond of visiting this place. Besides the beaches, here there established several specialized children's pool, and a special area for swimming. There are also barriers designed to protect children in water at 100%.

At Playa Caleta and Playa Caletilla there are several prestigious modern restaurants offering visitors a national cuisine of Mexico, mostly made of seafood. Also here you can find merchants that offer taste of fresh pastries and local sweets.

It is known that in the old days Playa Caleta was used as a recreation of the Mexican military.

The Zocalo

The Zocalo is the central area, located in the old town of Acapulco. This place is very loved by both tourists and the locals. They come here for the weekend to relax from the stressful everyday life, have fun, and gather strength for the new work week. Here you can feed the pigeons, read your favorite book. This amazing place is located in the shade of old trees framing the stone benches installed along the perimeter of the square.

In addition, there are some very good restaurants in this area. Here experienced chefs will delight you with their culinary delights and satisfy any food preferences of their guests at affordable prices. There is also a cafe where you can eat an ice cream with your kids, a couple of shops and two low-budget hotels.

If you have no time left for long walks, then, once on El Zocalo, be sure to check out the historic Catholic Church Cathedral. It is called Nuestra Señora de la Soledad. It is located at the end of the square. This temple has a characteristic appearance. It looks like a mosque. Inside it is nicely decorated with unusual statues.