Sights of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the largest city in the US (south of California), founded in 1781. It ranked second in the United States in terms of population. In the "City of Angels" nearly 4 million people live, and together with all the metropolitan area, it gives shelter to 17 million inhabitants.

Facts About Los Angeles

United States dollar ($) (USD)
City: 3,884,307 | Metro: 13,131,431 (2013)
UTC-8 | Summer: UTC-7

Map of Los Angeles Attractions

Top 22 Sights in Los Angeles

J. Paul Getty Center

California is one of the most interesting states in the US. If you just arrive here on either a beach holiday or for the tour, you cannot help but visiting all possible cultural and historical sites.

One of the spectacular sights of Los Angeles is J. Paul Getty Center, the creation of which cost a fabulous sum of over $1 billion. Despite this, one of the distinguishing features of the museum is free admission to all comers. This is the largest Art museum in California. It was founded in 1954.

The founder of the center was the American-born oil businessman John. Paul Getty. J. Paul Getty is the founder of Getty Oil. Due to his strong character and determination, John Paul Getty built a powerful oil empire. This allowed him to enter the top five dollar billionaires.

Having bequeathed his entire fortune to the museum, having bought rare and valuable copies of paintings and sculptures of Roman and Greek eras, Getty immortalized his name in American history.

Santa Monica Pier and Beach

In the west from Los Angeles County of California there is a small but cozy city of Santa Monica. Due to the subtropical Mediterranean climate, the city has attracted the attention of all who wish to spend their time in warm conditions. Summers are very dry here, but the Pacific coast has always been a saving oasis for all travelers. The fresh sea breeze blows all vacationers on the coast of Santa Monica.

Anyone who has been here will always remember the stunning beauty of the pier overlooking the beach and the city itself. Long beach pleasantly surprises by its cleanliness. It is never overcrowded. This feature has been recently especially appreciated by visitors.

Everything is made here for those who enjoy both a relaxing vacation, and prefer active rest. Bikes and roller fans have a perfect opportunity to ride right on the beach, which is equipped with special wooden flooring and sports fields. In addition, there are many recreational attractions and restaurants on the pier, where you can taste the most delicious dishes.

Griffith Observatory

Photo: rodprez

Los Angeles is rich both in history and historical sites. One of them is the Griffith Observatory. The history of its foundation is very interesting. In December 1896, American Colonel Jenkins Griffith passed land area of 12.2 sq. m to the permanent use of LA. It was located on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood. This place is very convenient for an examination of the central part of the city, the Pacific, Hollywood. In addition, when the construction of the observatory started in June 1933, he donated a substantial sum for its building.

In May 1935, there was the grand opening of Griffith Observatory, a planetarium and an exhibition hall. This event was of a huge resonance. During the first 5 days more than 13 thousand visitors came here. Griffith Observatory was awarded the status of historical and architectural monument of Los Angeles in November, 1976.

Visit the observatory for free. You will find many interesting exhibits here. Many various events and shows take place here.

Third Street Promenade

In Santa Monica, located in the western part of Los Angeles County, one of the attractions of Third Street Promenade is recognized. Why is this street given such honor and recognition? Only here there are decent restaurants with excellent cuisine! Only here budding shoppers turn into avid fans of the pastime! Only here there are the most modern cinemas for moviegoers.

Walking on the Third Street Promenade, you can forget about all problems. This street is designed for those who want to find happiness. There are many street musicians, artists and singers who want to get your attention for just a few dollars, and recognition of their talent. Cyclists and skaters will be able to spend an unforgettable time here.

Along the street there is a gallery of shops. On the other side there are many cozy cafes and bars. During the day you can enjoy excellent black coffee, and in the evening you can dance and enjoy the sparkling lights of the night city.

Zuma Beach

Summer ... California ... Ma-li-a-boo! And Zuma Beach. Whether it is a hot summer or early autumn, all people who like active and family rest will remember Zuma Beach for as long as life endures. By default, no drinking of alcoholic beverages is allowed here. But for those who come to enjoy the true rest, the absence of alcohol will not be a disadvantage. In summer there is a wonderful service for travelers in various beach cafes. If you want, you can freely bring food to the beach.

This is a great beach that has always been kept in the order and cleanliness. The sand is light and flowing. It is a great pleasure to walk on such nice sand. Changing rooms and toilets are always in the order. Showers always work on the beach. There are special places for playing beach volleyball and a dance floor. The water is very clean and toy can often watch dolphins swim.

Morning sunrises and evening sunsets are special pages of your holiday! You will not be able to watch anywhere else such colorful landscapes. The cries of seagulls, the sound of waves and salty ease surround you everywhere! If you need excellent and unique vacation, please always come to Malibu.

Farmers Market and The Grove

Photo: jakerome

In Los Angeles, there is another entertaining place. This is farmers market where you can always enjoy the unique local atmosphere. You can always come here by public transport. But if you decide to go to Farmers Market by your own car, you should worry about parking spot in advance, since penalties for improper parking are very solid here.

The market is filled with many stalls where you can choose your favorite snack. Moreover, it will amaze you with its extraordinary taste and appearance. It's like a huge open-air kitchen. Here you can relax on the glossy display windows of expensive boutiques and supermarkets. Here everything is clear and simple. There are smiling sellers, plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, different kinds of fresh meat, ready meals, all kinds of pastries, desserts, ice cream…

A riot of colors, scents and shapes are seamlessly mixed up in your mind with rainbow kaleidoscope. These intricate designs will leave in your memories only the most pleasant moments and reminiscences of the time spent here.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park is located in Los Feliz in Los Angeles neighborhood. This city park is recognized as California's second largest one, and it even concedes the area of Central Park in New York. It extends to 1,749 hectares, which is five times the size of New York Park.

Griffith Park was opened in mid-December, 1896. Before that, the mentioned territory was taken by land ranch of Colonel Griffith, who bred ostriches here.

There are a lot of attractions on the par territory, such as the Museum of the American West, the Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Observatory, Greek Theatre, the world-famous sign of Hollywood and other interesting objects. In addition, the park has plenty of places for rest and relaxation with both family and friends: golf course, picnic areas, fields for soccer, and special courts for tennis. All visitors can rent bikes and ride around the park. Besides, you can shoot the breeze on an old train or on horseback.

Griffith Park is annually visited by more than ten million tourists. However, it remains free to the public. In this magical Griffith Park, you will never be bored and will never forget the time spent here.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Photo: James May

In downtown Los Angeles on one of the main streets, on Wilshire Boulevard, there is the Museum of Art in Los Angeles. Dimensions of this museum are impressive. Volumes of expositions will shock all art lovers. The museum building has warehouses in which over a hundred thousand pieces of art from different ages are carefully preserved. It's hard to name what hasn’t been paid attention to in its unique collection of valuable items. The museum is especially proud of its collections of Islamic funds, Latin and Asian art. The exhibits are constantly updated and changed.

LACMA museum is divided into several buildings. There are sections that are available for Japanese, American, Latin, and Korean art. It also hosts special exhibitions on various subjects. There are cabinets that host the art of the ancient world and contemporary art, the art of Europe and Asia, Islam and the Pacific.

The museum is open six days a week, except Wednesday. All tourists are allowed to take photos and video for their own usage. Flash photography is prohibited. You are also prohibited to take photos during special exhibitions.

Runyon Canyon

Photo: Dale East

Classy Park, which is a twenty minute walk from the Walk of Fame, is one of the favorite places of Los Angeles residents and visitors alike. It is impossible not to visit this landmark attraction. Walking through Runyon Canyon will bring you an unbelievable enjoyment. You can enjoy plenty of contemplation of stunning panorama of the City of Angels, when, being on top of the canyon, one can enjoy a spectacular view on Hollywood and the Pacific Ocean.

You can easily walk through all the neighborhoods of Runyon Canyon and enjoy the scenery of the surrounding natural landscape. The air cleanliness in this area deserves special recognition, because nature has been unusually cared by people here. For many years, there haven’t been any negative factors affecting its condition. Wind conducts high green trees. This orchestra adds the feeling of greatness and uniqueness of Runyon Canyon Park.

A professional guide will tell you about the history of the park complex. Calm and comfort will remind you of the famous walk in the park. Photos at the top of the canyon will remain in your photo album a long memory

La Brea Tar Pits & Page Museum

Photo: JCook236

In 1906, in the area of Rancho La Brea the burial place of the animals that came to drink was found. Negligently animals fall into the trap of resin. Hence they could not get out on their own and died. Sticky mixture of oil seeped into the ground and dragged out a victim. Due to such a cruel trap, today humanity may get information what animals inhabited the territory of current Los Angeles many thousands years ago.

Businessman George Paige discovered these tar pits. Now they have become museum exhibits and the museum was named after him. There are a number of items that cannot be touched by hands, so that not to damage them. In the backyard of the museum you can see colorful fish, unusual plants, and architectural buildings of great beauty. The founders of the museum have even bothered that everyone could lie down on the fresh green grass and relax.

A visit to this unique museum will be useful to pupils and their parents. Everyone can try to find here some answers to their questions regarding the creation of the world and its transformation under the influence of time.

Paramount Pictures Studios

Photo: Smilee168

The prominent American film company Paramount Pictures in Hollywood is one of the oldest ones. It was founded over a hundred years ago. The company was established by Adolph Zukor. It was then called Famous Players Film Company.

According to personal observations of the first company`s investor Zukor and its partners the working class mainly liked visiting the movie theatres. Because of their low income, they could not make film industry a profitable business in particular. Therefore, the directors decided to organize a company that would produce feature films, focused on the middle class of the USA.

This idea made a great success due to the involvement to filmmaking processes the famous and popular movie stars. During the whole period of the company existence it had certain periods of growth and decline. However, today its annual turnover is $ 1.2 billion.

Studios, in which the legendary films were made, attract the attention of tourists very much. It must be very exciting to watch from inside how your favorite films were created.

Grauman's Chinese Theatre and Hollywood WalkofFame

The famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre is located on Hollywood Boulevard. It is one of the main places that attract the attention of tourists from around the world. Building was constructed in 1927 by famous impresario Grauman. Grauman's Chinese Theatre is a huge theater that can accommodate 1,162 spectators.

The theater is decorated with very unusual and luxurious things outside. The main part of its exterior is 30 meters roof made of green bronze. Asian exotic motifs dominate in its interior.

Before Grauman's Chinese Theatre there is another place worthy of your attention. It is the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, along which there are many cement foot and handprints of popular motion picture personalities. It differs from the Avenue of Stars by the fact here the right to leave a footprint here can receive only person worthy of it by opinion of the theatre owners. Among them there are Charlie Chaplin, Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, Jim Carrey, Cher, Harrison Ford, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Al Pacino, and many other movie stars.

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is located in the district of the State of California under the name of Beverly Hills, known to most of us due to the eponymous TV-serial.

Rodeo Drive is quite an extended street. However, only a small area here deserves a special attention. There are a huge number of boutiques from almost all eminent representatives of style and fashion, including BVLGARI, Gucci, Burberry, Cartier, Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Celine, Dolce and Gabbana, Coach, Fendi, Lacoste, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Tiffany & Co., Versace, Valentino, Christian Dior.

The location of this interval is determined by the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard Crescent Drive. Local people call this section "Golden Triangle". There are always a huge number of tourists here. Many of them do not make purchases, but just look at the products displayed in the windows. For such people, the Americans have even invented the name «window shopping».

If you do decide to visit one of the stores, please note that here you should follow a certain dress code.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach, or, as the locals call it, Venice is famous for its beaches, canals and boardwalk area, located to the west of Los Angeles. LA's Venice was artificially founded in 1905 by the order of developer Abbot Kinney. Under his management, the marshes of Santa Monica were reincarnated in real Venetian canals, the length of which was 26 kilometers. Along the canals there is a huge pier with entertainers.

After the founder of Venice Beach died in 1920, the town began to decline. Later, the area became popular only with "hippies" and other personalities with extraordinary approach to life.

Today, the popularity of Venice Beach has reached almost the original scale. During the daylight hours and even after sunset you can meet comedians, predictors of the future, artists, actors, athletes, ordinary traders. There are always a lot of vacationers, beach volleyball players or surfing fans.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Photo: Tom Coates

Walt Disney Concert Hall is located in Downtown Los Angeles. Walt Disney Concert Hall is a modern concert place, which was opened in October, 2003.

Its construction started in 1987. At that time, the widow of Walt Disney Lillian donated fifty million dollars for the construction. The architect Frank Gehry developed a large-scale project, the embodiment of which required larger financial investments, than they had. For this reason the construction of a concert hall dragged on for a long time. According to the final count, the concluding amount invested in the project equaled 170 million dollars.

Currently, Walt Disney Concert Hall attracts tourists due to its extraordinary appearance. Locals appreciate Walt Disney Concert Hall for the excellent acoustics. It allows getting the real pleasure from the Philharmonic concerts.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Hollywood Forever or Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Los Angeles. It is located in Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard, near the north wall. The length of the cemetery is 100 acres. It was founded in 1899.

Currently, Hollywood Forever Cemetery is one of the most interesting sights in the world. A huge number of famous people who are related to the entertainment industry are buried here. Important personalities for the history of Los Angeles and the members of their families are also buried here.

Until today, the cemetery continues working. In addition, in its territory traditionally held various concerts and festivals, including the annual Cinespia Film Festival. It usually takes place in summer and over 3,000 spectators come here.

People from around the world willing to pay homage to the dead idols, such as Rudolph Valentino, Johnny Ramone, Jayne Mansfield and many others, visit this cemetery.

Beverly center

Photo: Renah

It is impossible to come to Los Angeles, and ignore its famous Beverly center, located on Beverly Boulevard on the edge of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. This center is located in the heart of the film and television of the United States, only a few minutes away from the elite areas of Los Angeles.

In Beverly Center there are the leading brands of style and fashion of Southern California. There are more than a hundred boutiques of world-renowned brands such as Burberry, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and many others. If you choose to buy something here, you have to say goodbye to the bank. However, investment is justified. You will no longer be left unattended.

If such wastes are not included into your plans, just have a tour to the huge shopping center. This will allow you to see the best innovations in the fashion world. You will be able to understand what the main preferences of the American elite are, and get a lot of positive emotions.


Photo: mark6mauno

Staples center is a multi-purpose sports complex, built in 1999 in Los Angeles. It is the only sport building, erected in the United States, under the arches of which five sports professional teams stand.

Over two hundred sporting events annually take place under the roof of Staples center. Among the most popular ones are wrestling championships, tennis competitions, professional boxing matches, the championship of extreme sports.

But not only sports events are organized in the Staples Center. It also hosts concerts of famous mega-stars, as well as a variety of exhibitions and performances. This makes the STAPLES Center not just a trivial sports complex. It is a kind of a small world. It is a further proof of the uniqueness and luxury of Los Angeles.

The total area occupied by the Staples Center is less than 89,000 square meters. The capacity of the arena during concerts is 20,000 seats, and during hockey, basketball and football championships just over 18,000.

Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is the longest, oldest and the most famous street in Los Angeles. The length of the Boulevard is 36 km. The street runs along Brentwood, Hollmbi Hills, Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Hollywood, merging with the ocean at the intersection with the Pacific Highway.

On such an extended interval there is a great variety of different attractions, including the oldest film studio Warner Brothers, House of Blues, Garden of Allah, Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum, Will Rogers State Historic Park, and Earl Carroll Theatre.

A part of the boulevard called the Sunset Strip requires a special attention. It passes through West Hollywood. It is a personification of the City of Angeles’s nightlife. There are huge amount of rock clubs, night cafes, restaurants and places of entertainment, such as, The Roxy, Viper Room, House of Blues, Whisky a Go Go.

Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl is a famous modern amphitheater located under the open sky. It has an extraordinary acoustics that can make sounds of long familiar tunes completely new sounds, opening an unprecedented versatility in them.

The very first scene was installed in this place in 1922. It was made of natural wood. Therefore, each year as a result of rains the scene was destroyed. It always needed renovation. In 1928, it was completely reconstructed. The project was headed by the architect Lloyd Wright.

At present, the capacity of the amphitheater is seventeen and a half thousand spectators. For the convenience of visual perception, there are four large video screens near the stage.

Bob Dylan, Elton John, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and many other stars at one time managed to perform here. Many performances at Hollywood Bowl are often ended with bright and colorful fireworks.

Greystone Mansionand Park

Greystone Mansion Park and the adjoining land were the property of Edward Lawrence Logan. The mansion was built here in 1928. The project was led by architect Gordon Kaufmann.

These places have always been picturesque, beautiful and charming. Therefore, the city authorities became interested in purchasing land for the purpose of the organization of the city park. The idea was implemented in 1971. It was then when Greystone Mansion became the public property.

Due to its beauty, the place is very popular among filmmakers and is often used for filming. In summer, various cultural and social events are regularly conducted here.

Locals and visitors of Beverly Hills love to spend their weekends, breathing fresh air and walking in the alleys of Greystone Park. However, before visiting Greystone Mansion Park, please specify, whether it is available to the public at the appointed day. The fact is that when private events take place here, the Park is closed to the public.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Photo: macjp

Universal Studio Hollywood is part of Universal Pictures, the oldest Hollywood film studio of now functioning. Now its territory was given to the amusement park for children and adults. Now there are many tours on real film pavilions of Universal studio. The scenery is constantly updated, supplemented and being completed. New attractions appear constantly.

An official promotional title says that Universal Studios is the entertainment capital of Los Angeles. Local people position this park as the coolest place in town during the summer heat.

If you want to create your own schedule tour, a special board with the schedule of the show and attractions will surely help you. You can also use the services of a guide.

Once on the Universal Studios Hollywood, you can watch how special effects are made, or become a member of the events in the movie. You can also see with their own eyes the scenery, in which shootings of many favorite movies and TV shows were held. If you're lucky enough, you will personally watch a filming of a new blockbuster.

About Los Angeles

It is difficult to single out just one center. The main feature of Los Angeles is a variety of areas and large numbers (more than 80), each of which is interesting and remarkable in its own way. The most famous among tourists are Hollywood and the West Side.

Where to go, what to see in Los Angeles?

Each year, millions of tourists arrive to visit Hollywood. Choosing what to see in Los Angeles, it is impossible to pass by the Chinese Theatre, the distinguishing feature of which is a green bronze roof height of 30 meters. Just a few steps away there is the Walk of Fame, where the greatest movie stars left their handprints on the pavement.

Here you can buy souvenirs in the shops from the divas of the past (for example, items from the personal wardrobe of Marilyn Monroe), visit the greatest film studio Paramount Pictures, to see how films are made, or Universal Studios, turned into a tourist attraction. And in the Hollywood Bowl amphitheater or concert hall named after Walt Disney, if you're lucky, you can see live performance of favorite singers.

But not only has the movie business become the hallmark of the city. When deciding what to see in Los Angeles, it is impossible to ignore the chic venue marine recreation. This is the golden sands of Malibu, in particular - a great Zuma Beach and the unique beauty of Santa Monica - including its delightful promenade, the best street shops and chic restaurants. We cannot also ignore and Venice Beach. It is a tiny California Venice.

For lovers of cognitive rest Runyon Canyon with its spectacular views will be a revelation. There is also Greystone Park, whose beauty was captured hundreds of times in the movies, or the Museum of Rancho La Brea. It is the burial place of the oldest living things on earth.

Choosing what to see in Los Angeles, you cannot go past the Griffith Park. It is 5 times more than his famous "relative" in New York; also here you can climb to the Griffith Observatory, visit the city zoo or the Museum of the American West. All of them are very interesting and incredibly beautiful!